Loyalty Rewards card

The Sunbury Stockfeeds family is very thankful for the support and loyalty of our customers and friends over the past 7 years.

To say "Thank You" to everyone, we wanted to reward you with 5% OFF, storewide: on full price items and sales over $20.

Simply fill out the "Registration Form" on the "Loyalty Card" page to receive your 5% OFF Member Card.

Your card, with your special customer number, will be sent to your phone. Just show this card to the staff at the checkout, or quote your special customer number when placing orders via phone, text, email or message, to receive 5% off your total* (*excluding the $5 flat rate delivery charge).

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No Contact Service

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Sunbury Stockfeeds is happy to offer a "no contact service", for those who would like to use it.

1. Place your order.

2. Pay for your order.

3. Drive up to your pick up location to load your order.

At Sunbury Stockfeeds, we want to make your shopping experience better, so we have several options when placing an order.

If it is your first time, or you just occasionally put orders in, you can:

1. Call the shop on 0448 919 377.

2. Text the shop phone with your order and request a "call back" for payment.

3. Email sunburystockfeeds@gmail.com or Facebook message your order and contact details and we will call you for payment.

If you are a regular, and your contact details are on file, you can text, email or Facebook message your order and we can send you your invoice for payment via direct deposit, or charge your card if it is on file.

Once payment is made, we will send through your "pick up location". Please allow 30 minutes for your order to be placed in the pick up location. Your receipt will be taped to the relevant pick up post.

Sunbury Stockfeeds
turns 7: June 2021!

Compressed Hay Bales
Gallagher electric fencing

On June 5th of 2014, Sunbury Stockfeeds started in Shed 2, the old machinery shed.

It all began a few months earlier...

In the Summer of 2013/2014, we were breeding Australorp chickens and decided to buy in a full pallet of Golden Yolk, along with our friends, Aaron and Kylie, who were also breeding chickens. 

Soon word got out and people started coming up our drive, wanting to buy chicken pellets. Then we got asked for chick stater, then pullet grower, and it started to snowball.

After family discussion, it was decided that we could convert the machinery shed into a stockfeed, so we did. We concreted the dirt floor and put a front on the open shed, and called it "Sunbury Stockfeeds".

We officially opened our doors to the public on the 5th of June 2014, offering basic chicken feed, horse feed, hay and chaff. We expanded as needed over the first year; adding to our stock, items that were requested. By the end of 2014 we had filled Shed 2 and were busy enough to need a POS system (we had been keeping hand written records up until then).

As more people heard about us, we needed more product, and so, needed more space. We started putting "overflow" stock in aircraft hangars and shipping containers, until finally we needed a more permanent solution, and so we took over Shed 1.

We now have two completely filled sheds and six shipping containers, and we stock more range than any other stockfeed store in our area. We have been incredibly blessed to get to know so many "neighbours" from far and wide, and to share in their ups and downs and great animal stories. 

We absolutely love our job and our role in the community; so thank you from all of us!

Oxley chaff
Horse Cattle Sheep Goat Alpaca

Maggie's Retirement

Maggie-May has retired from her duties at Sunbury Stockfeeds, as the official welcomer, cuddle seeker, and occasional stealer of treats. She has lovingly attended to her duties for the past 6 years, only missing a couple of weeks, when she had her first attack of autoimmune disease.

As a result of her condition, she suffers from arthritis, and as she has aged, she has become less patient with other dogs. We have had to make the decision to retire her to "home duties", which include taking care of a flock of chickens, walks with her "sister", Clover, and hot meals.

She has settled back in to our home life really well, and is enjoying her two hot meals a day.

Thank you to all of our customers who have shown Maggie-dog love and affection, and her "special customers" who would bring her treats; I know she looked forward to seeing your cars drive in.



Maggie-May Dog

Welcoming Neo


On Sunday May 2nd, we welcomed Rottweiler, Neo, into our family. He was the smallest of 12 beautiful puppies and has fitted into our family life so well.

Maggie is a very good teacher and is taking her role as "Head Dog Educator" seriously. Clover is a little too bossy, so needs supervision when they play, but once they are tuckered out, they are happy to curl up on the same bed.

Neo absolutely loves toys!! He cannot get enough! So if you need a "toy recommendation" for your puppy, be sure to check in with Neo.

This is the first time for us, "crate training" a puppy; it has made a massive difference, to the ease at which, Neo has settled in. It gives him a "safe place" when he needs a sleep or some time away from everything. More importantly, it keeps him safe from dangers in our busy shop. 

Neo loves a cuddle, so if you'd like to meet him when you're in the shop, let us know and we'll bring him out for a cuddle. It is important that his crate remains his "safe place" so that he can chose to retreat when he wants.

Neo has daily training to teach him acceptable behaviours and safety, and is not allowed to jump up, so if he does, please just turn your back to him. Rottweilers can get up over 50kg, and we don't want him jumping up when he is full grown.

Rottweilers were used as herd dogs in Europe and also used to pull carts laden with butchered meat to market, which earned them the name "Butchers Dog". Nowadays, Rottweilers are used as search and rescue dogs, guard and police dogs. They are known for their bravery and loyalty to their "people".