About Sunbury Stockfeeds

Sunbury Stockfeeds is a family owned and operated farm and feed store located on the Sunbury Airfield at 295 Settlement road. Our family are multi-generational Aussie farmers, with a vast and comprehensive knowledge, built on a wide range of farming experience.
Our Company
Sunbury Stockfeeds and Airfield

Sunbury Stockfeeds was founded in May 2014, by the owners of the Sunbury Airfield. Sunbury residents of nearly three decades and a rich heritage in Australian farming; with experience in agriculture, horticulture, cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs. Farming is our passion.

Our Location
Sunbury Stockfeeds location

Sunbury Stockfeeds is located on the Sunbury Airfield at 

295 Settlement Road Sunbury. Simply write our name

"Sunbury Stockfeeds" in Google Maps, and it will direct you up the correct drive, the one with the Sunbury Stockfeeds sign.

Please drive in at the marked speed limit         and keep an eye out for pedestrians, children and animals.


There is plenty of parking in front of the shop.

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Our Farm
cattle at trough.jpg

Our farm is currently home to a herd of cattle, a flock of sheep, a litter of pigs, a tribe of goats, a brood of chickens, a confusion of guinea fowl, a pack of dogs, a clutter of cats, a fluffle of bunnies, a muddle of guinea pigs and a duck.

We are on a journey of ethical, self sustainability, attempting to grow and produce more each year.

Our Family
Sunbury Stockfeeds Family

You will see three generations of our family in the Sunbury Stockfeeds shop; owners, Vince and Wendy, their son, Doug, and his partner, Carolyn, who manage the shop for the family, as well as their children; the younger ones who are still being home schooled.

Between us all, we have a vast knowledge and experience in farming, agriculture, horticulture and all kinds of animals.

And we enjoy a chat!