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Quality Hay

Sunbury Stockfeeds has a large range of hay to suit every need.

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Full Pasture

Pasture hay is a selection of quality sown grasses, usually with several rye grass species. Our pasture hay is clean and weed free, sourced from Victorian farms who have high standards of pasture management, ensuring a premium product.

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Full Low Sugar Pasture

Low sugar pasture hay is the perfect choice for horses with laminitis or other metabolic conditions. Super low in sugar; feed test available in store.

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Eco Compressed Pasture

Oxley Eco Bale Pasture Hay is a great treat for your animals.  Grown on flood plain soil on the banks of the Loddon River in Central Victoria and carefully monitored with an eye to quality, we cut this hay at its prime to give the best protein attainable.  The Eco Bale Pasture Hay is an ideal roughage component of your animal's diet. 

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Eco Compressed Rye Clover

The Oxley Eco Bale Rye Clover is grown on the Loddon River floodplains with plenty of sunshine, fantastic soil and lots of water. The bale opens easily with the biscuits breaking out beautifully.  This premium product contains very little dust and is perfect for your animal's nutritional needs.


Oaten Chaff

Oaten Chaff will keep your stock and horses satisfied and happy throughout the year.  Oaten chaff is processed with steam to help reduce dust.  With a number of quality control points throughout its growth and processing phase, you can be guaranteed of top quality feed for your animals every time.

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Oxley Wheaten Chaff

Oxley Feed Mills Wheaten Chaff is high in fibre and an excellent forage product to mix with your grains.  Designed to slow down the intake of grains and the higher calorific portions of your animal's feed mix, this carefully grown and manufactured product assists in reducing feeding problems.

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Full Oaten

Oaten hay is an annual grass cereal that is used as a prime source of digestible fibre for livestock. Ideal for cattle and working horses, it is higher in calories than pasture hay.

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Full Teff

Teff hay is grown for its low sugar content, making it the safe choice for your overweight or foundering pony.

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Eco Compressed Oaten

Oxley Eco Bale Oaten Hay is an easily digestible hay as part of a total ration for your animals. Ideal for improving the overall health of your animals, it is an excellent forage component of your feed ration.

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Eco Compressed Low Sugar

Oxley Feed Mill Low Sugar Hay is the best alternative to get your horse back on its feet.  If your horse is foundering or has Laminitis, this hay will assist in slowing down your animals overall intake by reducing the grain load and increasing the low sugar supplemental hay. Teff, with touch of lucerne; feed test available on request.


Mixed (Combo) Chaff

Mixed Chaff is a blend of freshly cut Lucerne and Oaten Chaff.

As the title suggests, mixed/combo chaff is an equal 50/50 mix of oaten and lucerne.

 Mixed Chaff is a balanced dietary component of your animal's feeding program.

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Small Wood Shavings

Breeder's Choice woodshavings are a high-grade product which is suitable for use as a bedding litter in horse stables, chicken nests and sheds, calf sheds and various other animal enclosures.

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Full Lucerne

 Lucerne is a prime quality hay that is the source of vitamins A, K, E, and helps boost your horse's protein and calcium levels. This type of horse food is also low in phosphorous. Lucerne is a valuable source of energy, and it can help keep your horse's weight in check.

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Full Vetch

Vetch hay has been shown to be palatable with high protein and reasonable energy levels. It has been popular with southern dairy farmers for two decades and has become increasingly popular with beef cattle and sheep producers.

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Eco Compressed Lucerne

You can see as the biscuits are separated that Oxley Feed Mill Lucerne Hay is a top quality product, with minimal dust and an excellent leaf and stalk structure.

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Eco Compressed Straw

The Oxley Eco Bale is a brilliantly simple idea, transforming two bales of conventional straw into one compressed and compact easy to handle smaller bale. When the bale is opened, there is minimal dust (due to steam processing) and the biscuits fall apart easily.


Lucerne Chaff

When it comes to feeding your animals, Our Lucerne Chaff is a premium product with a fresh cut odour and a great green colour.  This product should be on the menu for all of your top performing animals.

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Large Wood Shavings

We also offer a larger 'wool pack' type bale, which provides approximately 1.2 cubic metres of uncompressed volume.

Full Teff